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Helmet Camera - 4Kam Bullet Cam

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The Ultimate In-Car Camera

4Kam DNR in-car camera with WDR compared to 2p coin.

4Kam Dominator






Screen shot examples:



4Kam DNR in-car camera with WDR

-normal camera view


4Kam DNR in-car camera with WDR 2

- brightness reduced


4Kam DNR in-car camera with WDR 3

- on screen menu


4Kam DNR in-car camera with WDR 4

- with WDR activated













The bullet camera that you control.


The 4Kam Dominator is the ultimate in mini bullet camera technology, with its digital onboard menu system it will follow your every command. All camera settings are configurable using a mini joystick on the rear meaning you can optimize your camera for its location and situation.


The menu system is thanks to the built in 3D DNR (digital noise reduction) filter which gives you the power to alter the brightness and contrast settings along with an array of other options including video shutter speed, white balance, back light and gain control.


Why do you need a camera with a menu system? Well there are many situations when light levels are not ideal for the camera, none more so than when you are using the camera inside a vehicle and trying to film outside. This can often result in the view through the windscreen being over exposed as those with experience with in-car cameras will know. Trying to get a good view of a bright area outside having mounted your camera inside a dark vehicle was pretty tricky...until now!


The 3D DNR menu also has another trick up its sleeve - WDR (wide dynamic range) technology. This can have the effect of merging two optimized situations. For example the one bright area and one dark area can be put together by the WDR to show one clean image without any over exposure (see image left).


Other than the new features and configurable digital menu system the 4Kam Dominator is built to the same specification as our regular 4Kam so you can be assured of a high quality product.


Each 4Kam Dominator kit comes complete with a 4Kam Dominator Camera, setup instructions, mounting kit, battery connection and FREE stickers!





Viewing Angle:

82 degrees




Length 62mm, Diameter 23mm.



Running time:

8 hours (using 12v power pack)


Indefinite (If using 12v power cable)


Purchase the 4Kam Dominator camera as part of our ARP RACE and RALLY package.


This camera can also be used with any recording device that supports AV-in. Check out our range of digital recording devices here. You can also check a list of compatible camcorders with AV-IN.



The ultimate in-car camera....


4Kam in-car cameras sponsored rally car.


...great for use inside any race or rally car.




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