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2 Camera Switch Box  

Onboard Camera Switch - 2 Bullet Camera Switching Unit



If you want to use 2 cameras and only use one recording device then our small switch box kit is probably what you've been looking for.


Let's face it, the action is probably only in one place at a time so surely it makes sense to be able to choose which camera you want to record from? With our switch box this is as simple as a click of a button. In essence you are actually editing your footage as you go along. How cool is that!


Onboard Camera - 2 Camera Switch Package

Manual Switching


£15.99 + P&P


2 Camera Mini Switch  

Bike Camera Mini Switch - 2 Bullet Camera Switching Unit



A space saving alternative to our Switch Box. If size and weight is of up most importance then this mini switch will fit the bill. Popular with both bikers and cyclists.


Connect 2 cameras up to one side of the switch and attach your recording device to single lead on the opposite side. Operation is easy, simply flick the switch to change between the cameras.


The mini switch is light giving you freedom to position it wherever.


Onboard Camera - 2 Camera Switch Package

Manual Switching

£29.99 + P&P


4K Quattro Video Processor  

Quattro - Onboard Camera Switch - 4 Bullet Camera Switching Unit




The Quattro Processor is simple to use and has no less than 4 inputs! Record from up to 4 cameras simultaneously and choose between picture in picture, split screen, timed auto scan and a selection of other options including mirror and zoom!


Simply connect 2, 3 or 4 cameras and select the setting(s) you want. The Quattro will then output the video to your recording device (such as the 4K DVR). It takes a 12v supply so can be used on the move, you can power it from a battery pack or directly from your vehicle. Now you really can be a TV producer!


Supplied with all fittings, remote, power supply and a manual its a bbbargain!


Dimensions are 160mm x 120mm x 30mm.


Onboard Camera - 2 Camera Switch Package
Onboard Camera - 2 Camera Picture in Picture Package PIP

Manual & Auto Switch

2 Camera PIP

Onboard Camera - 4 Camera Picture in Picture Package

Onboard Camera - 4 Camera Picture in Picture Package

3 Camera PIP

Quattro mode

£99.99 + P&P


Pro Switch Module  

PRO Switch Camera MultiCam Mini Switch

The Pro Switch Module allows you to start multiple camera systems at the same time. Ideal for use if you want to record from more than one camera at once in full screen.


Easy to use, simply flick the switch and hey presto all your cameras are rolling. Flick the switch again and all your cameras stop recording. Its a simple as that.


Swith is small and easy to mount on handle bars or dash etc.

£42.99 + P&P


DVR Remote Control Switch  

DVR remote control switch

Spare or replacement rmote control for your DVR. This remote allows you to turn your digital video recorder on and off as well as stop and start the video recording itself.


Fits the DV4, DV4 Evo and DV4 HD


£18.99 + P&P



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