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4Kam Helmet Camera - Bullet Cameras



The 4Kam has been developing over a number of years and every unit produced is a high quality miniature camera which is constructed from quality materials. They are housed inside a waterproof aluminum shell which is both lightweight enabling creative positioning but tough too giving you peace of mind.



Helmet camera and bullet cams by 4Kam

By concentrating on a small number of products, 4Kam has honed success and is renown for both quality and value for money.


Our products have now been used on every continent and our latest cameras have evolved from both testing and customer feedback.


RCA/Phono Connection

All cameras are supplied with RCA/Phono fittings as shown left. RCA fittings allow you to connect the camera directly to your video monitor or recording device (usually via an av cable). We supply a number of mini digital video recorders or you may have your own recording device.


The power supply is 12v via a 2.1mm DC connector (adapter supplied).


Connect Fitting

Some cameras can also be supplied with our special 'Connect' fitting.


The Connect fitting is useful when using the camera with our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) units as the 'Connect' jack plug fits straight into the video input socket which will supply the power to the camera.



   The Cameras

4Kam Helmet Camera

4Kam Helmet Camera

4Kam Helmet Camera

4Kam is our all purpose sports camera. If you want to attach a camera to anything, be it you, your car or even your airplane - 4Kam is the camera for you!


4Kam WideBoy

4Kam WideBoy Cam

Wide angle bullet camera - WideBoy

WideBoy is the wide angle version of 4Kam. Built to the same tough specification as it's better known relative but with a wider viewing angle.


46Kam Bike Camera

46Kam Bike Camera

46Kam Bike Camera

46Kam is the ultimate camera for bikers. It has all the same great qualities of the 4Kam along with special edition graphics with a Rossi-esque design!



Free Guide to Helmet Cameras (pdf file)

Our free guide is designed to give newcomers to the helmet camera and bike cam scene a heads up.


   Professional Cameras

4Kam Dominator - professional in-car camera.

4Kam Dominator

4Kam Helmet Camera - Broadcast 550

User configurable bullet camera with on screen display menu. The cutting edge in visual technology harnessing the latest developments including DNR 3D filter and WDR imagery.


4Kam Broadcast 550

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4Kam Helmet Camera - Broadcast 550

For TV and video professionals the Broadcast 550 harnesses the very latest technology in order to produce an image of the best possible quality.


4Kam F-Zoom

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4Kam Helmet Camera - F-Zoom

The Fixed Zoom camera is a special edition of the regular 4Kam which offers a more close up view than would otherwise be possible. These are popular with motorcycle training schools.


4Kam V-Zoom 550

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4Kam Helmet Camera - V-Zoom 550

The Variable Zoom 550 camera offers the best of both worlds and is ideal for those who need a bullet camera to produce very different shots in the best possible quality.



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